Newbie reading a pattern

Sorry, kind of new to pattern reading… Under the first part of the directions I’m not sure what they mean by “*k3” when they write
P2, *k3, p2

I know that usually there are repeat instructions when you see a *, but I didn’t know how to interpret a *k with no other instructions.

Using Long-tail cast on, cast on 7 sts
Begin set-up rows:

  1. K2tog, yo, k5.
  2. P2, *k3, p2
  3. K4, k2tog, yo, k1
    Now continue on with row 4 – 16 of the Pattern Rows below.

You should have 7 sts and doing P2, k3, p2 uses 7 sts so the * seems totally out of place. What’s the name of your pattern and can you link to it?

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Does the asterisk appear anywhere later in the pattern? The second asterisk is often quite close to the first but perhaps not in this case.

Here’s the pattern

On row 2 ignore the *. On later lines you’re to cast on more stitches which requires you to repeat and it specifies what to repeat.

ETA You’ll pick up on row 4 in the section below.

Found it on Ravelry. I tried a few rows and decided I should probably knit this. I saw the pictures, Now I have to. Thank you!

I’m not really into this particular style of scarves/wraps but I really like this one. Thanks for sharing!

Might even knit one.