Newbie Questions....kind of lame

What are “rounds” and whats the difference between rounds and rows? do I use a stitch marker…What is waste thread…and maybe more to come later… Please help!

Oh yea…and I’m making fingerless gloves, any general advice would be nice.

Rounds are what rows are called when you’re knitting in the round. (a tube, like socks, mittens, sleeves, or sweater)

Two kinds of stitch markers; one kind goes on your needle and is used to mark the beginning of a round or where you need to increase or decrease or for stitch pattern repeats. The other kind attaches to the actual stitches and is used to mark a point that you might be measuring from later on.

Waste yarn is any kind of scrap yarn you might have left over from another project and can be used for provisional cast ons or as a stitch holder.

What do you want to know about fingerless gloves? A more specific question is answered more easily, though I have a feeling the other questions are what you’ve encountered in the pattern and need to know what they mean…


First off all rounds are when you are knitting with circular needles. You use markers with circular needles. So you cast on right? Then you put a marker after the last stitch that you casted on. So you start knitting stitches until you get back to the marker. Then you move the marker to the other needle and start knitting again. Waste yarn is yarn you don’t need.