Newbie question

Hi, I’m new to the forum, I’m looking forward to getting involved. :slight_smile: At the moment my skills are limited to making scarves, but I hope to progress to more sophisticated things!

I’m starting with a kit I got from Patons to make a stuffed bunny - it doesn’t seem to complex but I’m slightly confused about how to start it off - sorry if my questions are really stupid!

These are the first instructions for the body:

[I]Cast on 15 sts
Work 1 row
[B]Row 2[/B] - (RS) K1, (M1 by picking up horizontal loop lying before next st and working into back of it, K1) 14 times (29 stis).
Work 7 rows[/I]

It begins by saying work in stocking st, starting with a P row.

My questions are:

If I cast on, should the next row then be purled, and then I increase using ‘knit’ stitches? (Sorry if this makes no sense.)

Which of these videos relates to the style of increases described?

Once I’ve done the second row, and increased up to 29 stitches, do I then alternate knit and purl rows, and if so, which do I start with?

Thanks in advance for your help - sorry for the long post!

Purl row 1 that’s the WS, then increase on Row 2, the RS knit row. The M1R/M1F would be the increase that’s used. Stocking st/stockinette st is knit one row, purl one row alternating them. Since the 2nd row is a knit row, you do a purl row next.

Thanks so much! That was really helpful. :slight_smile: