Newbie question

Hi, I’m still a beginner but am about to make a blanket for the humane society for a contest. I have an idea of what I want to do, but it requires changing colours. Can someone help me, by telling me how to create a border, or make a pattern in the middle of my blanket a different colour (its of a paw). Thanks :):slight_smile:

Hello. For somthing like making a aw in the middle of a blanket a different colour you would use a method known as Intarsia.

It is realy very easy to do once you actually start so dont be intimidated. It requires you to have a small ball of yarn in the colour you want the design to be which you attach to your work where you want the design to begin. You attach be just starting knitting or by tying a small knot then knitting away. Every time you need to change between colours you twist the yarn around each other to prevent a gap.
There is a video in the advanced techniques section of video tutorials on this website.

I appreciate that, I was wondering if that was the technique, but then wasn’t sure so I thought I would ask more experienced knitters :slight_smile: Thanks again