Newbie Question!

Hi there,

I’m a new knitter and have a pretty silly question. What does “Round 2: Knit 2, make 1 around (30 sts)” mean? I’m thinking it means knit 2 then make 30 sts? So increase by adding 30 sts?

I want to knit a donut and I am just learning how to read a pattern

hi! It means that you’re going to knit two stitches, and then MAKE a stitch… ou right, you are increasing. check out amy’s video for M1L (it’s next to the third diamond section on the scarf on the right side). It’s very easy to do: use the tip of your right needle to lift the strand of yarn between the first stitch on the Lh needle and the last stich worked on the RH needle, place the loop on the Left needle, and knit into the back of it. The video makes it very clear, if the written directions are confusing (i think they are!) . Anyway, just keep doing that all the way around… knit 2, make 1, knit 2, make 1, etc.

the (30 sts) means you should have 30 stitches on the needle when you are done working that row/round.

ahhh! thank you! now i get it!

i will get rid of that picture, it’s ruining this page.

thanks so much!