Newbie question

I’ve been a knitter for all of 30 minutes and I’m already starting to think I’m not coordinated enough for this. I got casting on figured out (the backward whatever method I couldn’t figure out the double cast on) and my yarn is not cooperating with me. How do you keep your skein nice and neat while you are working?

Any hints, suggestions, anything is helpful. I really want to do this and I don’t want to get so frustrated I quit (which I’m prone to do heh)


Did you use the pull-out feature of the skein? Or or you using the out-side thread on the skein? I wouldn’t give up so quickly. If you need to take a break and walk away for a breather, and come back when you are fresh.

Welcome to KH and to knitterville! Good-luck!

There are a couple of tricks to the skein. The first is to find the end of the thread in the middle of the skein - most skeins have this and it easily pulls thread from inside the skein rather than around the outside. The second is to find a yarn shop in your area to ball your yarn. The yarn shop is also a great place to get knitting help.

I also just noticed that you’re in ATL, I’m in Roswell. There’s a great yarn shop here called Cast on Cottage that has a very knowledgable staff who offer help, free help on some afternoons, and loads of classes for beginners.

yeah luckily i found the inside thread and figured that’s what i was supposed to use but the outside keeps wanting to come unraveled while i work. i took a break to get ready for bed and now i’m going to give it a go again. i’m determined to do this…i’ve been talking about learning to knit for years now :slight_smile:

good to know. the only place i know of in atlanta (i’m fairly new here and all i do is work so i have not explored a lot) is a michael’s in buckhead and it’s small and the staff is not very helpful. I will check out the place in Roswell. Thanks!

I leave the label on my skeins, but if the end sneaks out, I wind it around the whole thing and tuck the end under. After you’ve used a few more yards, it may work out okay.