Newbie Question

Hi, I’m Cynthia, just beginning to knit. I want to knit a scarf and found your site.

I’ve been practicing, and you can see my test swatch here:

However, it seems oppositve from the pictures on the Cast On page on this site. My rows are horizontal, where the rows on the Cast On page are verticle.

I’m just wondering why this is? Am I knitting wrong, or just different?

LOL thanks. I may have a ton of questions. And I have to go look at the fixing videos a lot. :slight_smile:

The picture on the web site is showing the knit side of a stockinette stitch pattern, which is knit one row purl one row.

Did you knit every row? That would give you garter stitch, which will look the same on both sides.

Ah okay thanks. I’m knitting every row. Not purling yet… the scarf I want to do is knit only.

I think I’m getting halfway decent at this. I’m trying another test, light green and dark green mix, and it’s coming along nicely! I mail ordered my scarf yarn and it’s not here yet, which is a good thing because I’m getting more practice in before starting, else I’d want to start right away.

A word of advise. Don’t ignore Sister Purl. She’s just as important as the Knit Kid. And don’t be afraid of trying it. It’s a simple stitch, for goodness sake. I taught someone who had only learned how to knit. She was so afraid of trying to purl that it took months of boring garter stitch to convince her to use both!

Hm… :thinking: Your swatch looks like garter to me, so I’m confused about your question. You say the cast on edge runs horizontal on the Cast on page … yes, they do. But … SO DOES YOUR EDGE! :thumbsup: The only difference between your swatch and the swatch on the Cast on page is the the CO page is stockinette, while your swatch is garter.

Be like Nike w/ purls … Just Do It! swoosh :mrgreen: Seriously, purls are nothing to fear. :wink: Good work with your swatch! Keep it up :happydance:

The only difference between your swatch and the swatch on the Cast on page is the the CO page is stockinette, while your swatch is garter.

Uh oh… new terms, I better go hit the knittnig dictionary… :slight_smile: stickinette / garter. I haven’t heard those before (but then I haven’t heard much yet lol). :slight_smile:

Stockinette just means you have knit a row & then purled a row, giving you all V’s on one side (like the swatch you saw on Amy’s cast-on picture) and “bumps” on the other.

Garter means you have knit every row, giving you what YOU did on your scarf swatch.

If it makes you feel any better, purls are just the OPPOSITE of knits…when you knit, you ARE getting a purl on the reverse side! BE BRAVE! :thumbsup:

It makes sense that when you knit, you’re actually purling on the other side. :slight_smile: I’ll try purling, I’m not afraid of it or anything, I’m just not in the mood at the moment. LOL.

I did read someplace else this quote:

Stockinette is “plain knitting.” It’s where the front of the fabric shows all knit stitches and the back shows all purls.

Errr, so I’m confused. :slight_smile:


I have a question (I am a beginner so I still need some help on reading patterns :lol: ) What does it mean to knit into front and back of next st?

There’s a video for this increase on THIS PAGE about 3/4 of the way down the page under “Bar Increase”


It’s a way to increase one stitch. You knit the stitch as normal BUT DON’T SLIP OFF THE LEFT NEEDLE, then you knit into the back of that SAME stitch again and slip it off. You will now have 2 stitches on the right needle.

Amy has a video of this in the increases and decreases section in basic techniques. It’s my favorite way to increase.
Good Luck and HAPPY KNITTING :XX: :XX:


OoOh GoooD Thanx! Cause when I did it wrong It looked strange. Now I can finish my pretty zigzag scarf! :thumbsup: