Newbie question

I’m working on a pattern I found online. I’m a very confident kintter and purler (many scarves to my name!). I’m trying to make something a little different though - a stuffed toy called “Mr. Dangly” (

What confuses me is when it says to “increase 1 stitch at each end of row (both purl and knit rows)” but doesn’t tell me what kind of increase to use? I love this web site because of the easy to follow videos of increases, decreases, etc. - but how do I know which one(s) to use - i.e. which ones will work at the start of a purl row, end of a knit row, etc. and look the best.

Any helpful hints would be appreciated! Thanks. - Jon

M1 is perhaps your best bet. Just make sure to work them twisted, whether K or P, so as not to create a hole. Sometimes working a small sample to see the effect decides it for you. (Patterns won’t always state which kind to use, and sometimes you’ll opt to change from a recommendation.) One type you’d probably want to avoid in this case is the lifted increase due to the fact you have incs in subsequent rows which are nearly on top of one another and the pull of the stitches wouldn’t work well.



A kfb or pfb is a good increase stitch to do at the ends of the row. If it’s on a part that’s going to be seamed up later it probably won’t show as much either.