Newbie question ktbl

i taught myself how to knit (yay):woohoo: so i could quit smoking (been smoke free for 8 months) and have completed quite a few projects with success. while i was watching knitty gritty i stumbled across this site and noticed that my knit stitches are not “assembled” the same way that the video shows. i knit as if i were knitting through the back loop instead of “coming through the front door.” i have done this for as long as i have knit (about a year) is this improper? should i reteach myself? or should i just yarn forward and yarn backward everytime i alternate knits and purls?

Here is a video -

More help -

What you are doing by knitting through the back loop is twisting your stitches. The biggest problem I can foresee is that if a pattern calls for twisted stitches and you already are you may not notice the pattern of stitches, but if you are happy with it then I wouldn’t worry about it. I think it’s a good idea to at least learn the “normal or proper” way so you know how to do it though.

As for yarning forward and backward… that’s a whole different topic… you need to have the yarn in front for purling and yarn in back for knitting unless you are using another method… ??

Hiya Bath,
Welcome to our knitty knottiness!!:woot: Congrats on the smoke free thing!!:woot:
K as for your knitting concerns. If you are consistent and that’s how your stitches always look then I think it’s all good. It’s that consistency thing. If it all looks the same with the finished product then you aren’t doing anything wrong. Some people actually call what you do “combination knitting”. So it’s not wrong it’s just different.:thumbsup:

In combination knitting, though, knitting in the back loop untwists the stitches; it depends how you wrap your purl. Watch the videos here - If you wrap the opposite way on the purl, then knitting through the back is fine. If the purl is done the same way then you may have twisted stitches and they may be tight and mess with you when you try to knit something where gauge is important.