Newbie question: increase in next st


This is my first time knitting a mitten/fingerless mitten. This is the pattern i’m following:

I’m confused about the Thumb Gusset part. It states:

[I]On next round, start thumb gusset as follows: (Place marker if desired) [U]P1, inc. in next st., k2, inc. in next st., P1.[/U] (Place marker if desired.)
K2 rounds even, keeping the P 1 sts uniform.

Next round: P1, inc. in next st., K 4, inc. in next st., P1, K to end of round. K 2 rounds even, keeping the P2 sts. uniform.

Continue to inc. every 3rd round in sts. inside of P1 sts. until there are 18 sts between the 2 p sts.

Next round: K1, slip next 18 sts. onto holder or string, cast on 4 sts, K around. (56 stitches) [/I]

So, for the underline part, when you inc. in next st., do you purl it or do you knit it? (i.e. P1, k4, P1, K to end and do that for 2 more rounds). Another question is about “keeping the P2 sts. uniform”? I don’t really understand what they want me to do. Also, is there a difference between the k and K? It only appears once; could it have been a typo?


The thumb gusset has one purl stitch going up each side of the shaping. “keeping the P2 sts. uniform” means to continue to do that p1 st going, up the next rows. All sts between those p1 sts, are to be knit, including the increases.

thanks you very much!

When a pattern says to `increase [B]in[/B] a stitch’ it’s usually meaning to do a knit or purl front and back. Use a kfb in this pattern.

I’m still confused about the Thumb Gusset part:

So what do you do after [I]“P1, inc. in next st., k2, inc. in next st., P1.”[/I] Do you knit the rest of the row then [I]“K2 rounds even, keeping the P 1 sts uniform”[/I] or do you use stocking stitch?

Also, i just want to confirm: once i finish the [I]“P1, inc. in next st., k2, inc. in next st., P1”[/I], when i repeat the round, will I be doing P1, K4, P1 or will it be P1, K6, P1 ?

And lastly, about [I]“keeping the P2 sts. uniform;”[/I] you would only keep the first set of purls uniform, right? Because there are 2 purls in each row(one at the beginning and the other after the knit increases) and you wouldn’t keep the second set uniform due to the increases, right?