Newbie question- Help me understand this pattern

Hello everyone! I have been knitting garter stitch scarves and now I am venturing to a baby blanket for my cousin who is due in July. This is my first real big project and I need help.

I am completely baffled when the pattern states:
(wrong side)Knit 8, (purl 8, knit 4) 9 times, purl 8, knit 8

What the heck is meant by wrong side??? I understand the rest just the wrong side has me baffled. :?? I am guessing it is probably something simple.

Help please!!


that side will be the wrong side or non public side of the blanket. most projects will have a wrong and right side. IF you were working something in stockinette stitch(knit 1 row, purl 1 row) then usually the knit side is the right side and the purl side is the wrong side. Does this help?

When you are knitting something, often you have a right side (RS) and a wrong side (WS).
Ah, how should I explain…
Imagine you are doing the front of a sweater. The right side is the side that will be on the outside, the side that is visible. The wrong side is the other side.

sooo how would I work on the wrong side??? Or do I?

Here is the pattern:

Hmm should I just not worry about this and follow pattern otherwise?

It’s just saying that row will be the RS row for your information; you don’t have to do it any differently. You might put a safety pin or other color yarn in the middle of that row to mark it, in case later the pattern says `end with a RS row’ or something.

:figureditout: Thanks everyone!! Now I feel dumb :roflhard:
Better to ask then not to- hey!?!

Picture the wrong side like the inside of your shirt or sweater I had trouble also til I figured it out

I prefer front side/back side. There should be no "wrong side

Think of it this way, the knitted( ‘right’ a/o ‘front’ ) will look like a bunch of upside down V’s. The ‘wrong a/o back’ side will look like sideways waves.
I hope this helps :wink: