Newbie Question - Different Size Needle Than Called For

So here is my question… I’ve got size 8 needles and am wanting to knit a baby hat that calls for size 4 needles. Do I have to go and buy size 4 needles OR can I just reduce the pattern by 1/2 (so if size 4 says to cast on 60 stitches, I cast on 30, etc) and knit on my size 8 needles? Does this question even make sense?


While still curious about the above question, I did find a pattern that uses the size needles I have. Thanks!

That’s one of those things that you’d have to try. It sounds like it could work, but it still depends on the gauge.
Also, even if you get the right size with 8’s, the fabric might be too loose.

If the original pattern has a particular stitch pattern (or cables, etc) simply reducing the no of sts might not work. What works over 60 sts might not work over 30 (where multiples comes into play). You might also run into problems when decreasing as you’ll need to recalc for such a drastic diff in gauge.


You also could have double stranded your yarn.

You wouldn’t reduce the sts by half, maybe 1/3…

Thanks everyone!