Newbie question - correcting mistakes

I’m very new to knitting - been doing it for about a week! - and I’m currently knitting my second baby hat. Obviously I’m trying really hard not to make any mistakes in the first place, but I wondered what’s the best way to go about correcting them when they do happen?

One book I’ve got suggests picking up dropped stiches with a crochet hook and reworking them - but when I tried to do this, I think I inadvertently purled some of them. So then I took it all off the needles, pulled it back to the mistake and reworked it all. But it was sooooo scary taking it off the needles and trying to get it all back on again the right way!

What’s the best way to go about picking up dropped stitches - or correcting any other mistakes for that matter?

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Have you checked out Amy’s Video on Correcting Mistakes? It’s the second batch from top. Enjoy :slight_smile:

When you are using a crochet hook to correct a mistake, remember to go in from the front if you want to make a knit stitch and to go in through the back if you want to make a purl stitch.