Newbie question about loose stitches

I’ve just started learning how to knit (like 2 days ago) and I’ve just been practicing knitting a square. I think I understand how to do it and I think I’m doing it correctly, but it seems like the last stitch on the row I’m working on is loose and I can’t tighten it.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome to KH!

Your not doing anything wrong, your first stitch will be lose until you get your tension down, it comes with time.

Sometimes on scarves, people will slip the first st of each row to give it a nicer edge. :thumbsup:

Welcome to the board! Sounds like you’re doing great. It’s like Dustina said- it just comes with practice. :slight_smile: Jump into a fun project before you start getting bored with your squares- if you can knit and purl, you can do anything! We’ll help you along the way. :slight_smile:

You’re doing nothing wrong. Just try to remember to give an extra tug to the FIRST stitch in a row to tighten up the last stitch in the previous row. :slight_smile: Soon it will become second nature.

Thanks for the help! I’m sure I will have more questions and I’m glad this website is here!

Welcome to KH! I think we all wondered about that last stitch when we first started knitting.

:waving: Hi welcome to KH and knitting. Like everyone else has said, it is normal. I just like to give it an extra pull when I start my next row, just to be on the safe side. Happy knitting!