Newbie question about k or p2tog

I know how to do this, but I have the darndest time getting my needle into the 2 stitches to knit them together! I don’t knit that tightly and this is the only time I have this problem. When I do manage to get the needle through when I then go to knit them together I have trouble getting both stitches through…does this make any sense??

It can be hard to do. You could use a thinner needle to knit them together and put them back on your regular needle; or you can do a different decrease.

What kind of needles are you using? That might help too.

I am using size 6 metal needles

Another right slanting decrease is :

Knit one, and put it back on the left needle.

Pass the stitch to the left of it over the knitted stitch, and replace it back on the right needle. Knit on.

That’s an exact match to SSK, or SKP, and I find it easier to execute than a K2 tog.

It is a ruffle that I will then attach to the body of a camisole for my granddaughter, and when I reach the right width for the ruffle I then decrease in every stitch, except the 1st and last, so will the method I use to decrease make any difference? I apologize for seeming clueless, but I am new at all this…

Oh, then the method really wouldn’t matter, but if you’re a perfectionist (like me), I would decrease left slant in the first half of the stitches, and then left slant in the last half of the stitches, but it really doesn’t matter.

clueless me again! So is left slant decrease is done how??

Hi Ginny,
Don’t worry about being clueless…We’ve all been there!
Go to the Basic Techniques on this site and look at the Decreases. You can choose the one you want! They’re all labeled left and right, so take your pick.


Blunt tips will make it tricky you might like to buy sharper ones next time or if you have wooden needles sharpen them. It’s a lot easier with a sharp tip. You might also find it easier to get the needle in if you grab the knitting below the needle and pull down.

Thank you all for your suggestions, I will try again