Newbie...please help me with how to weave in thread after color change

Just have to say…I haven’t kntted in 40 years and am so glad to have found it again. At this point in my life it is so relaxing and really helps with my anxiety issues. Love it. Just started with scarves for my kids and I made stripes. So now I have all these threads hanging on the side. How do I weave them in now.

I simply use a tapestry needle to pull the ends up the edge of the scarf back toward the same color. I will actually run the needle between the plies of the strand of yarn in each edge stitch for a little extra hold – but it is not necessary if your yarn is not too slippery.

Whip stitch each end along the edge of the scarf back into the stripe from whence it came.


I usually use a duplicate stitch method for weaving in ends because I want it secure.

I LOVED that article, Jan! I used it on the USO hats and it worked like a dream, and just like people said, I actually kinda enjoy weaving in tails now! :slight_smile:

This probably sounds dumb, but what is a whip stitch? I tied knots when I joined the colors, was that the wrong thing to do? Do I have to untie the knots to weave up the loose ends? Thanks for your help.

Can’t help with the whip stitch… :??

I would untie the knots myself before weaving, but some people don’t seem to mind them. I recommend tying them loosely just to hold the ends if you need to so it’s easy to untie them.