Newbie Pattern Question

OK, brand new knitter here!

I started this dishcloth tonight and can’t figure out what I am doing wrong! :??

When I was doing row 4 I noticed I was knitting my knits and purling my purls which I didn’t think was right if I was trying to create a seed stitch as the cloth description indicates is being used. I thought to create seed stitch you purled your knits and knitted your purls. I looked it up and found I was right in my thinking.

So, I figured I goofed up a stitch in the mix somewhere and carried on. When I came to the next set of rows 3 & 4 the same thing happened. I still carried on for a bit more and then decided to frog it.

I started again but this time when I got to row 4 I K2, *P1,K1 repeated from * and knit the last 2. This is giving me a seed stitch. It is hard to tell what the cloth is really supposed to look like from the small picture but I know I am doing a seed stitch now - at least I believe I am!

My question - did I read the pattern wrong in my initial attempt? Or is the pattern goofy? I suspect strongly that it is me, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what I did.

TIA for your help.

Every other row of the pattern is knit only so it’s not really seed stitch although it will look a little bumpy. Normally for seed stitch you knit the purls and purl the knits so unless I’m missing something here which is possible- :shifty: -just k1p1 according to the pattern and then on the next row knit all the way across. Repeat.

It’s a neat cloth! I might have to make one now. :wink:

Every other row of the pattern is knit?? Oh my, I may be in more trouble than I thought! I took the instructions to mean rows 1&2 were knit, 3&4 were the knits and purls and then the “Repeat 1-4 for pattern” to mean that 5&6 would be just knit (like 1&2) and 7&8 would be the knit purl pattern (like 3&4).

Am I goofing up even more than I thought? Not that it really matters, it is just a dishcloth, but I do want to be able to read a pattern correctly.

Rows 1 and 2 - knit.
Rows 3 and 4 - K2, *k1, p1; repeat from * across to last 2 sts, k2.

Repeat these 4 rows.

The CO is 46 sts, so this is really kind of a rib stitch broken up with 2 rows of knits. Too bad the picture doesn’t show a good closeup of the pattern.

So I am right? On both accounts?

Rows 5&6 would be knit and 7&8 would be the knit purl pattern?

AND, this pattern really doesn’t make a seed stitch?

I am feeling pretty smart if that is the case! Funny that this in’t mentioned in any of the pattern reviews. Would an odd number of cast on stitches made the seed pattern if the end 2 were knitted on both sides?

What I am doing is knitting the two rows and then starting the second knit purl row with a purl instead of a knit and it is giving me a seed pattern. Will decide tomorrow if I will continue on in this manner and just make it or if I will frog it and start with something else.

Yes, that’s correct. 5 and 6 repeat 1 and 2, 7 and 8 repeat 3 and 4. And if you did 45 or 47 sts, that would make the k,p rows like seed stich inside the edge sts…

Score one (two?) for the newbie!

Thank you so much for the help!

Now, to decide what to do with it…

Just looked at the pattern and saw this description:

This washcloth / dishrag is a great beginner project. Made with a simple SEED STITCH, it is so much nicer and thicker than store-bought dishrags!

Now I’m going to have to knit one because I’ve never knit a dishcloth before!!!

Susan (starting a dishcloth now, even though I have 3 UFOs OTN)!!!