Newbie pattern help

I decided to try to make a pair of slippers. The pattern says knit for ten rows, then continue in stockinette stitch. I know that stockinette is knit one row, purl one row. Which row do I start with (knit or purl)? The pattern hasn’t established a right or wrong side.

I don’t think it matters all that much. I’d knit for 10 rows, and then start with another knit for the stockinette.

Thanks, Ingrid. The other night while knitting I was thinking about how it’ll be fun to knit when my family is camping this summer (camping for the first time with kids ages 2-6 will be an adventure!) Then I thought it won’t be so nice to knit then, because I won’t have this forum to go to every time I have a question (which is all the time!) You all are so helpful and nice, even when my questions are silly. :heart: I guess I’ll have to try all my projects now while I have computer access and do repeats on camping trips.

By the time the summer comes, you’ll be a pro! :happydance: