Newbie pattern help please

Hi All, please can you help…

I am new to knitting and attempting to knit a baby blanket (I’m due in 8 weeks!) but am confused about the pattern and seed stitch. The picture looks as if there are alternating squares making up the blanket.

The pattern tells me:

cast on 121
Seed stitch row: P1, *k1, p1; rep from * to end
Rep this row 3 times more

Then cont in patt as follows:
Row 1: seed stitch 3, knit 23, seed 23, knit 23, seed 23, knit 23, seed 3
Row 2: seed stitch 3, purl 23, seed 23, purl 23, seed 23, purl 23, seed 3
These 2 rows set the patt
Work a further 28 rows

Row 31:
seed 26, knit 23, seed 23, knit 23, seed 26
Row 32:
seed 26, purl 23, seed 23, purl 23, seed 26

Rows 33-60:
work in pattern as set

Repeat rows 1-60 twice more
Work 4 rows seed stitch
Cast off

I’ve done up to Row 31 am confused on 2 counts…

  1. Row 31 - the first and last set of seed stitches started purl and ended knit… (all previously have started and ended purl) Do I start Row 32 with a purl or knit??

  2. Rows 33-60 - do I repeat rows 31 & 32? or do I go back to rows 1-30??

Please can someone guide me - it’s taken me a week solid to get this far!! I just hope I can finish this before the baby arrives!

many thanks

  1. Look at your knitting and for each stitch in the seed section, do the opposite of the stitch immediately below the one you’re about to work. That’s how you get seed stitch.

  2. repeat rows 31 & 32. You’re just making a new set of squares that is in the opposite order of the first set of squares.

Sounds like you’re doing great! Keep up the good work! You’ll get faster as you get more practice, but even at your current rate you’ve done 1/4 of the pattern in a weeks, so in 3 weeks you’ll be done! :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention-

Welcome to Knitting Help, and congrats on the baby! Is this your first?

We’d love to see pics of your blanket! :slight_smile:

thank you! I thought that was the case, but I just wanted to check… thanks also for your encouragement - I didn’t realise how much I’ve done!

yes this is my first baby, so i decided to learn how to knit (from online clips) so my baby can have something handmade by its mum! I’ll post pics as soon as I’ve finished :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your first baby! Knitting can be lots of fun, and I must admit to a huge amount of pride when my “babies” (OK, they’re 4 and 6 now) go to school in their fabulous hand knits. :slight_smile: