Newbie pattern confusion - please help translate!

Hi there

I’ve recently learnt to knit and am now trying my first pattern - it’s a loose fitting Cardigan in chunky wool that is apparently ‘easy knit’ (ha!)

Most of it makes sense to me with the help of the glossary but there are some bits where I’m not sure what it wants from me! Please help - I’ll abbreviate the bits I know.

Cast on 32
2 rows garter
60 rows stocking
Cast off 2 st at beginning of next 12 rows
12 sts.

This is my first bit of confusion - after I’ve cast off the first 2 on the next 12 rows (which would be 32 - 24 = 8), what does the next line mean by “12 sts”?

Within the pattern for the front it asks me to ‘wrap’ (which I get) then ‘turn’. Do I literally just turn the knitting over and then carry on?

Left front:
Cast on 18
3 rows follow, then
"Knit to last 4 sts., pick up loop between last and next st and knit into the back of this loop. K1, p1, k1, p1. 19 sts.“
Repeat last 2 rows 27 times. 46 sts”

I think I follow this up to “19 sts” but again I’m
not sure what the “19 sts” and “46 sts” means.

That’s about it for now - any advice would be massively appreciated!


Hi Rachel, 12 sts is telling you the total number of sts you should have at the end of that portion of the directions. It seems to me also that it should be 8 and not 12. Do you have a link to the pattern or the name of the pattern?
You can see a video for wrap and turn (short rows) under the Free Videos tab at the top of this page, Advanced Techniques. Yes, you will be turning as though you were at the end of a row.
Again, the 19sts is telling you the total number of sts you’ll have after you increase by one st from 18 (at least this time the total makes sense). When you repeat this increase 27 times you’ll have 46sts (19+27).
Post a link or pattern name if you can.

Thanks so much - I thought that might be it, but the weird total confused me!

It’s a Sirdar pattern for their Indie wool and the pattern no is 9316. The wool is so lovely so I’m hoping I can figure it out!

Thanks so much x

Thanks again!

Not to worry - I’ve looked into it and it should be 36 stitches cast on -my copy was quite smudged and I misread it, but it all makes sense now. Phew!

Thanks again - no doubt I’ll be stick again when I get to the front!