Newbie on circular knit

Can anyone out there help me figure out how to bind off when using circular knitting needles? I am making a capelet.

You bind off just as you would on straight needles, basically. Knit two st from the left needle to the right needle, then pass the first one over the second. Knit another, and pass over, etc. You’ll just end up with space between the last st from the circular knitting and the spot where you’re binding off, eventually coming all the way around.

I remember wondering the same thing. You do not need to do anything special to bind off on circulars. Do the EXACT same thing you would do with a normal straight needle bind off.

When you are done, you may end up with what looks like a gap near the last bound-off st. I take care of that by weaving in my end in a way that pulls that gap closed…I weave to the left of the sts, tugging to tighten up a bit.