Newbie needs pattern help!

Hi everyone, I’m new at knitting and decided to try
a cardigan, but I am having a really tough time understanding the instructions because they make no sense what so ever. So I hope someone out there can help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. The pattern is as follows.

Right front: cast on 54 sts. Work first 11 sts in moss st for double border. work remaining sts in cable and rib pattern as follows…

Pattern stitch: work in ribbing of P4, K9 for six rows.
Next Row work a double cable in each panel of K9. Continue in ribbing and hereafter work a double cable in each panel of K9 every 14th row until each panel has cable twisted 2 times…

Ok…how on earth do I get a double cable out of nine stitches? or am i missing something? Don’t forget I only have 54 sts to work with here.

I am soooooooooooooooo confused…:mrgreen:

Hiya kurt,
do you have a link to the pattern in question? :think: Sometimes (should be all the time) they will have a stitch key at the top or the bottom of the page. Detailing the particular stitches and abbreviations used in the pattern. That’s why it is sooo important to read patterns all the way through from the yarn requirements to the addenda at the very end. I know, most of us just want to jump right in and git er done. But knowing what is coming or what that special abbreviation means will help in the long run.:knitting: Look for the special stitch instructions. Those will explain those hard to understand bits. If it doesn’t explain those particular bits then, I really don’t know what to say:think:

Yep, take a look near the top of the pattern, before the CO for an explanation of how to do the double cable. I’m betting you do it with 3 sets of 3 sts (9 sts), but don’t have a clue as to how you would go about it.

i dont know why but when i read ‘double cable over 9 stitches’ i imagined that you would do a twist in the first 4 stitches knit the 5 and then do another twist in the remaining 4 stitches of the 9 stitch panel. that way you end up with two (a double) cables in the panel of 9.

problem is there are many ways to interpret this instruction. even if the pattern doesnt have a stitch key, it would be usefull to see a picture of the cabling, then we could see what the designers meant by a double cable.

A 9 stitch cable would probably be broken down into 3, 3, 3. On the first twist, you’d cross the first 6, and on the second twist you’d cross the second 6. However, the pattern [I]should[/I] have directions at the top of the page.

I just love trying to find instructions in books. Unfortunately this pattern is from 1942 and froze to death. I did find instructions in the book for a double cable which I read before hand, but it still doesn’t make much sense since it states to cast on a number of stiches divisible by nineteen, pluse three stitches. after you do the first six rows you then do the standard method of slip 3 sts onto cn and drop to back, knit next three then the 3 sts from cn. then slip 3 sts onto cn and drop to front. knit next thee stiches and then the 3 sts from cn. so that is where I get confused as this type of pattern uses 12 sts which I am use to since I have done cables before. Where as in the pattern I am getting 9 stitches. I was studying the picture of the cable and I think I might see what this person is doing. I think it might be slip first 3 sts to cn, knit next 3 sts and move to cn and hold to front and knit next 3 sts. Place 3sts on cn back on right needle. I guess you could see it as the middle 3 sts over the first 3 sts and then the first 3 sts over the last 3 sts. Make any sense? Or did I just do the same thing that Ingrid said?

That does make sense, try it on a practice piece - CO 15 then p3, k9, p3 for a few rows, do the cable and knit a couple more rows and see if it looks like the picture.

one of these?

Sooo, basically what you are doing then is holding the center 3 sts to the front or the back while crossing the outside 6 stitches?

I think so yes. Some patterns may do it differently though, but that seems to be what Kurt is describing based on what the picture of the cable looks like.

Well, Shucky-Darn!!!:noway:
I lernt me sumptin new today!!! :think: :figureditout: :thumbsup:

Hi Ingrid, Yes its very similar to the one on that page but more open and elongated. I found the pattern that I am doing on line at The pattern is for a cable cardigan. I got so fed up trying to figure out the pattern that I went on line and got a copy of teh book that it came out of thinking that there was something missing in the directions.

Hi SuzeeQ and Fibrenut and Ingrid and everyone getting into this :hug: I do hope we can figure this out becuase it’ll drive me nuts until it’s done :guyknitting:

Is there any way that you could just post a pic of the item in question?? That would be like totally helpful.

I’ll try Fibrenut…:guyknitting:

Ok Fibrenut here is a picture that I got of the garment with the cables showing., :guyknitting:

Ok, I have seen that one before on KPC. Let me go and look and see if they’ve updated the instructions on the net. If not. We’ll get this figured out.:thumbsup:

You have the actual book? Check in the front or in the index to see if there is any reference to this “double cable”.
From what I can see though is that the first three stitches go over the second three and under the third three and then you have 14 rows inbetween twists. Is more like a woven cable.
From what I see, you make a c6r and immediately c6l.

how about this?

Well I think i figured it out. I ran across a note on braided cables so I followed it along and found a reference to it and directions for it but on a smaller scale. This braided cable also uses nine stitches and goes as follows: slip the first 3 sts to cn and hold in back, knit next 3 sts and then 3 sts from cn. knit the last 3 sts. turn and do the normal knit purl on the back. on second pass knit first 3 sts, slip next 3 to cn and hold to front then knit next 3 sts and then 3 sts from cn and continue on…This pattern reproduces what is in the picture but it is not a double cable as it says to do in the instructions and there is no reference to a braided cable in the book that would have helped out. I think some one slipped up way back when:yay:

I would like to thank everyone for all of the help you gave me. Once I have finished the front panel I will take a pic and post :guyknitting: Again Thanks to everyone!