Newbie needs help!

I am a beginning knitter and am just practicing my knitting stitch. I have tried casting on several different ways and tried starting with a slip knot and without. Regardless, I continue to have the same problem. When I finish knitting my first row, the last couple of stitches are very loose and big. I have tried tightening my stitches as I go, but then read that is a common mistake so I tried again without tightening and allowed the wrapping of the next stitch do the tightening as recommended. I am knitting the last stitch. Does anyone have a suggestion that I haven’t tried? Your advice is most welcome! :slight_smile: Karen

That’s going to happen, and after you knit a couple more rows the ones on the first row will get tightened up. On the following rows, what you can do is knit the first stitch, then pull on the yarn a little and knit the next couple stitches tighter and the rest of the row with normal tension. That should give you neat, even edges. Also, your tension will improve as you knit more, so just hang in there and don’t expect perfection on the first few pieces.

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
Often the first row looks a bit loose but keep going. Tension on the yarn will even out and so will the stitches. It just takes practice.
There’s a videohere where Amy shows a few ways to tension yarn and there are others available online. Find a way that’s comfortable for you.

Thank you for the comments. My tension seems to be relatively even until I get to that last stitch where I have this big loop, but I’ll keep trying! :slight_smile:

The last stitch takes some practice and learning. I thought I’d never get it to look right then one day it did. Almost like magic.

Also, if you’re using washable yarn, a whole lot evens out in the laundry. It’ll all work out, honest. Welcome to knitting!

Thanks GG and Becky! :slight_smile:

Glad we could help. The best advice I ever got was what I didn’t want to hear: practice, practice, practice, it will get better with practice. They were right. :mrgreen: