Newbie needs help!


I’ve only knitted a purse and a baby hat before. I think this project I’m on now may have been too ambitious. But I’ve already done all the knitting parts, I just need help assembling it.

It is a teddy bear, knit in garter stitch. I’ve tried to do some seaming but it doesn’t look very good! It’s for a 4 year old and she’s not too picky though. I’m at the point where I attach the arms and legs to the body and I’m not sure how to do it. This is where the pattern is:

Also, it says to form a snout using a gathering stitch. What is that? I should’ve looked a little more closely before I started it! But my daughter is dying for her teddy. Can anyone help me?
The instructions are for the body to be sewn shut first and then the arms folded down and sewn to the body. There is a picture on the above link that I am supposed to follow but I really have no idea where to begin.

Thank you!

As per usual, I am out of my league in trying to help. Oh INGRID???

I think gather means that when you are finished knitting the nose, you take the yarn and thread it through the remaining stitches and pull tight to “gather it”.

It looks like you can use any seaming you want. I would use a mattress stitch. I think there is a video on this site that shows you how.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the instructions. Just start with the first one, and go one by one! You can do it! Choosing overly amitious projects is how I’ve learned almost everything I know. That and help from Ingrid…

Carmen is right. The snout just needs to have some permanent shaping, do what she says. And the mattress stitch is what you should do for seaming. And you just need to follow the directions one step at a time and it will all work out. :thumbsup:

Thanks for all of the quick replies. I already knitted the head front and head back. It only says to add the gathering stitch when I’m going to stuff the head. I’m not sure how to do that.

Also, is it possible to do mattress stitch on the garter knit? The bear is done all in garter stitch and the video instructions are with stockinette, it looks like. I’m not really sure where to stick the needle.

Any advice?

For mattress on garter, pick up the bottom of a purl on one side and the top of a purl on the other.

I think for the gathering stitch, you’re supposed to weave yarn in and out of the fabric around the snout and then pull it tight–kind of like a drawstring–to give it shape.

Yes it is possible, as you weave up the seam, you just have to make sure you line up the “bump” rows with each other. It is a litle more tricky than with stockinette, but still can be done and looks nice. You could always whip up two little garter stitch squares to practice on!

thanks for all of the tips!

I attached the arms and legs last night. It took several tries before the first leg looked ok. Definitely not even close to perfect but my daughter loves it. I think I invented some new stitches!! LOL. One leg is longer than the other one. But it is OK. I had a hard time going around the opening of the arms and legs attaching it, the direction of the stitches would change.

Maybe I’ll stick to scarves for awhile. There is a yarn shop in Tampa, about an hour from where I live. I might check out some classes there.

I’ll try to post pics when I’m done with Miss Teddy.


Whatever you do, don’t regress! Keep challenging yourself. You’ll learn so much and be so confident in what you do. I just know now, that whatever happens, I’ll find a way to make it work.

I am so proud of you that you didn’t give up and you made it work. Now your daughter has a special new friend. That is awesome!