Newbie needs help with pattern

Hello, I’m doing a scarf that has sheep figures knitted within the middle the scarf itself. The pattern that I have isn’t clear with how I add different colors of yarn and go back to the original color. Do I knit in the new color and then draw the original color across or do I cut the strand each time I switch a color? I would like the pattern to be seen from both sides.

I hope that makes sense?

Thank you in advance!

If the sheep are a block of color (without the background color going through) then you’d be knitting intarsia style. You’ll have one strand of the main color up to the sheep, then have a strand for the sheep, and a strand for when you pick up the background again.

When you switch colors, you have to hold the yarn you’re stopping over to the left on top of the hanging strand for the next section to twist them and prevent a hole.

You might want to consider making the scarf double wide and fold it over to seam it up the side. The back of intarsia never looks as pretty as the front.

Micki, if you check out the video section of this website, there are videos for intarsia knitting and for joining new balls of yarn. I sometimes have trouble following written directions in knitting, but seeing the videos really helps. :slight_smile: