Newbie needs help with casting on (Passap)

I just bought a Passap DM80, from an estate sale. I am new to machine knitting, but have been a hand knitter for years.
I cleaned up the machine (although it really was quite clean). It runs well, and smoothly. I read the manuals, and have watched many videos.
The problem is, no matter what cast on technique I’ve tried, the first few rows ALWAYS come off wavy and stretched looking. After the first few rows, the knitting is beautiful.
I have tried with smaller stitch size for the first couple of rows, I have checked my tension, I have tried 1:1 rib, tubular cast on, and full needle cast on. Always the same problem.
I have also tried with various yarn weights.
Please don’t tell me to cast on with waste yarn. If that is the only answer, I’d rather not ever get into machine knitting. I’ll stick to knitting by hand.
BTW: the machine runs very smoothly otherwise. No problems at all after row 4.

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Perhaps @Beth_Leatherman or @MK_er can help with advice here.

I’ve never heard of this problem. Waste yarn does sound like a good solution, but I get it. I prefer hand knitting and can’t bring myself to getting out my machines and setting them up. There are several groups on facebook where you might find help. I did just think of something. Make sure your yarn is all the way in the grooves by the tension knobs. Maybe it’s taking a few rows for the yarn to settle into the slot and be properly tensioned.


Hi BenA. I’m strictly a hand knitter but a couple of suggestions:

  1. Try posting on the Ravelry tools forum:

2 . Your best bet might be to contact the company. They state having parts / repairs /service for that machine even though no longer manufactured. I’m thinking that’ll be your best bet:

Good luck!

What about making a cast on rag? It can be used over and over! I think that this might solve your problem and desire not to waste yarn. I seldom use waste yarn myself. When I need to take a project off of the machine with live stitches, I usually do so by taking it off with my hand knitting needles.

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