Newbie needs help with "Butterfly" Stitch

Hey all…I am trying to make a scarf with the butterfly stitch. I am purling 5 and slipping 5. The proble is the bottom of my work is “scalloped”. Since I am slipping the 5, that means I am not adding stitches there and only leaving the “line/yarn”, which is making the slipped part shorter than the part I am actually doing the purl stitching…? I found this idea (only it was a skirt) on DIY’s Knitty Gritty. The skirt is beautiful and it looked pretty simple, but I am still having issues. If any one has any ideas, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!! Tiffany

Make the strand a little loose and it won’t cause scalloping. Not super droopy, but allow it to have room so when it’s picked up it won’t pull up the other stitches or pull them together.

This is where I learned to do it.

Are you working a row even between rows of doing the slip stitches? If you don’t do that it will get weird and impossible to work. Just a possiblility.

Thank you so much… I am going to try it and see what happens. I let know if I need more help. Thanks.