Newbie needs help w/ pattern crochet stitch

I bought a ultimate sweater machine & am working my way through the beginner projects. On the baby blanket that I am doing right now it says on the shorter ends I should attach fringe. To do this it says first to work one single crochet stitch in each knit stitch. Can anyone help me with this or direct me to a place that can show me how to do this? Your not suppose to have to know how to know how to hand knit when using the Ultimate Sweater Machine. uhmmmmm…sure…not only do I need to know some things about kniiting to use it but now they think I know how to crochet!!!

Can anyone help??

Try crochetville. com… there are online crochet website and there are people who can talk you through it and they also can refer you to online crochet videos… i think one site is or ( sorry can’t remember the right address) :oops:

Thank you for the info. I watched the video & figured it out. Thanks again!

yes, you do have to know how to knit to use it. You should check out the latest podcast of lime and violet…they talk about their bond ultimate knitting machine…might help you out a bit!