Newbie needs help buying circulars

I just started knitting a week ago, love it and want to venture into circular needles. I need recommendations! I expect to be knitting a variety of goodies. :cheering:

Have you thought about an interchangeable set?! I highly recommend those, you will have a variety of both needle sizes and cable lengths.

i agree on the interchangeables. the amount of money i spent on needles before i decided to put out the money for a set would have bought me about three sets i think.

read the interchangeable thread on this forum. lots of good info and many opinions about the various options.

you will put out more money than you might want to initially but when you consider how many variations of needles you are getting, it really is worth it!

I have to third the interchangeables. It a little bit of $$$ in the beginning, but then you have everything you need for almost any project. And, you can use the circs for back and forth knitting too…not just for circular knitting.

im an addi fan, but it is expensive. i havent bought a set of interchangables bc im so spoiled by addis. some people dont like addis though, bc of the blunt tip. i push my needles in, so the blunt tip is a necessity for me.

Most interchangeable sets also let you add extra tips and cables, which can be good if you need an extra size for another project, or if you want to do 2 circs, or if you need a looooooong cord for Magic Loop. That’s why I love mine so much.

Knitpick’s has a new needle set that people love so much they’re getting rid of their Addi’s. The tips are not at all blunt and you can buy tips that aren’t included in the set or buy a couple tips and cables separarte to try them out.


Reeeeeeally? :eyebrow:

It’s okay, abandoned Addi’s! I’ll love you and give you a good home! :hug:

:roflhard: me too!

:teehee: I’m such an idiot…I had no idea what interchangeable sets were so I avoided the sticky note at the top of the page because I thought to myself “oh geez, I better not stress myself over those now too!” . Thanks for the help everyone! You’re the best!