Newbie needs advise

I am very new to knitting and am having trouble finishing my shrug with k1, p1 ribbing. I keep dropping the stitches and ending up wrong on the pattern. I know it should be so simple why can’t I do it?

You can, maybe just not yet. All it takes is practice, practice, practice. If you have another project in mind, maybe a scarf, try that in ribbing. maybe on large needles and see if it’s easier.


So, that’s my problem, not enough practice. It seems sooooo simple. I will get some practice yarn and do just that, practice.


That’s really it.
Just another new skill to get comfortable with.
Ribbing is not the easiest maneuver for a new knitter.
All that moving from front to back feels awkward
and gives you plenty of opportunity to make mistakes.

So, yeah, practice.
If you don’t want a ribbed scarf, just get some plain yarn
(nothing with slubs or nubs or fuzz )
and make practice swatches until the movement feels natural.
It won’t take that long, promise.
Then you can approach the ribbing on your shrug with confidence.

You’ll get it! :teehee: It does take some practice! I dropped stitches like bird poop when I first started knitting. Everyone does it! I’ll bet even Amy does from time to time! Lol. :muah: :muah: Just whatever you do, don’t quit! Once you get the hang of it, you will become SOOOOOOOOOOOOO addicted you wont know how it happened! Good luck and happy knitting! :cheering: :happydance:

One thing that helped me is once I really concentrated on what a purl stitch looks like and a knit stitch looks like (when practicing with “plain” yarn) then I was able to catch if I got off the track. Doesn’t mean I didn’t have to tink back a few or frog back, but at least I am getting better at knowing what to expect :happydance:

Thanks to all for the encourgement. I will keep trying. But I do have a few UFOs that I am trying to work on.