Newbie Needs a Bit of Help

Hello Everyone! I’m new to this forum and new to knitting. I need a bit of help. Thanks to this site, I have discovered that I knit Continental Style and the easiest way to cast on is with a Single Cast on :happydance: hurray for me! BUT, my problem is when I cast on, my yarn either twists around itself or the yarn “untwists” into 4 little strands (worsted weight). Am I doing something wrong? How can I prevent this from happening? Thanks for any advice you can give me.

i use the long tail cast on and this happens to me too. i don’t think it is unusual and it seems to correct itself along the way as far as i have been able to tell.

Are you using yarn from the inside or the outside of the ball? It may make a difference, depending on which way the yarn is spun and wound.
When you hand sew, your thread will twist and knot if you thread the needle the wrong way.

Actually, I’m one of those people who ball their yarn from the skein. I like to know if there are any “flaws” or knots in my yarn BEFORE I start a project.

I use long tail cast on and the same thing happens to me. It gets really ‘untwisted’ if I keep the yarn in my hands the whole time and cast on a large number of stitches, but if I drop the yarn ends every now and then, the yarn retwists and then I carry on. Does that make sense?