Newbie making my first complicated hat

Hello there

Glad I found this site where I hope someone can help me after looking on the internet for hours and hours for someone to give me an answer to my question.

I am making a hat with an even number of stitches (84)
The first row is KK,PP,KK,PP etc
The second row is K,PP,KK etc end ending with one K
It’s like a false patent pattern.

My question is: how can I decrease my hat with this kind of pattern?
I tried to divide 84 by 6 , so K2,P2 and then a decrease at stitch 13+14 but very soon the pattern gets lost, so I am not doing it correctly and I have no idea how to solve this.

Also, if you start decreasing, do you Always have to do a row of decreasing and then a row of plain knitting, then a row of decreasing etc… or do you decrease every single row ?

Thank you for reading !

I decrease most of my hat patterns in their stitch pattern, and it’s not a very exact science. You might want to consider doing the decrease in quartered sections instead, decreasing by 8 each time on both sides of each triangle. That will give you a bigger section of pattern stitch to continue with.

As to how often to decrease - that depends on what kind of hat you want. The rate of decrease determines whether you get a pointy, domed or flat top to your hat.

Some helpful resources

Good luck!

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