Newbie... looking for visual

I am a visual learner and cannot understand what my book is asking me to do. It says Row 8 AND ALL WRONG SIDE ROWS THROUGH row 50: k4 p27 k4. What does this mean when they have other instructions on rows? Like Row 11: k15 p1 ki p1 k17.

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Sorry I don’t think I can help with a visual. However, I [I]think[/I] that all even numbered rows are wrong side rows and you will work them the same. Row 11, an odd numbered row, will be a right side row. The odd numbered rows may vary, the even numbered rows will all be the same. HTH

No mystery here… it’s just a basic pattern. It takes time to learn to read them… like a new language. :slight_smile:

Based on what you’ve written I’d say that all even numbered rows are considered WS rows. On those you just k4, p27, k4. (knit 4, purl 27, knit 4)

Row 11 is an odd numbered row and in this case considered a RS row. Just do as they tell you on those rows. k15 p1 ki p1 k17 - I think the he ki is a typo and means k1. So you’d knit 15, purl 1, knit 1, purl one, knit 17.

It helps if you give us a pattern link and/or name when asking questions, too.

Thank you. That makes total sense now. Yes, reading a pattern is like learning a new language. Again thank you! Much appreciated.