Newbie - LB Homespun question

So, I’m new to knitting and I’m doing a very basic Garter stitch scarf using LB Homespun yarn. I’ve begun to notice that after a few rows, the leading yarn from the skein seems to be bunching up as if it is partially twisted. I can slide it down, but after a few rows, the bunching gets to be too much and I have to clip it and retie the yarn back, but where it was bunched up, the yarn becomes unraveled causing me to lose about 6-12inches of yarn each time.:gah: Is there a solution to this bunching, or is this normal for this particular yarn?

Thank in advance for the help.


I have this happen occasionally, not sure why. And not with any specific yarn. Instead of cutting the yarn let go of your knitting with all stitches on one needle, hold the skein of yarn up and your knitting will turn around rewinding the yarn without the tangle. It is hard to explain so I hope that makes sense! I do the same thing with phone cords when they are twisted back on themselves. Hope that helps and welcome to the wacky wonderful world of knitting!!

Thanks for the quick response TIilllie. I actually tried that but I think because it bunches up as if it has become partially unravelled but twisted. It’s hard to explain. Maybe I’ll take a pic and upload it. I had the twisting happen when I was using another yarn, but I did the upsidedown thing before and it worked beautifully. It just doesn’t seem to work with the Homespun yarns.

I’ve noticed that with Homespun sometimes. It seems to vary from one skein to the next. It seems like sometimes it’s bound a little more loosely with the binder thread on some skeins. It could also be a trait of boucle yarn in general, but I’m not sure because I usually use just smooth yarns. But I am willing to bet that it’s the construction of the yarn that is making it so you can’t unbunch it.

I have noticed that knitting too tightly can make it worse with Homespun. I switched from 10 1/2 to 11 needles on a scarf that I was making and the bunching up problem quit.

Also, are you pulling from the center part of the skein? I’ve noticed that sometimes they come out of the center really tight. I think that when you’re pulling it out, it can stretch the yarn and then it bunches back up on itself. So you might try winding it into a couple of smaller balls. I agree with Tillie you don’t want to cut and then tie your yarn together, not only because of that yarns trait to “dissolve” when you cut it, but also because knots will create weak spots in your knitting and can also poke through to the sides where you don’t want them to show. If you absolutely have to cut the yarn, try cutting out the offending section, tie a knot at each cut end (which will help to prevent the yarn from unraveling). Knit with both the old end and new end together for a few stitches and then drop the old end. Later you will need to darn in the ends, and you will have to cut the knots off the dangling ends, but in the meantime, they won’t fall apart.

If it’s really truly frustrating you, though, but you want a nice thick yarn, Lion Brand makes some other yarns with gorgeous colors that knit up quickly–like Woolease Chunky and Woolease Thick and Quick.

Sorry for the novel!

Hope it helps though.


Thanks so much for the help. Is it possible that it could be due to using the wrong size needle? I’m using a US 8 aluminum needle to make a scarf since it happens to be the only size that came in my “teach me to knit” kit. I think I will look into the circular needles everyone is talking about and be sure to get a bigger size.

I actually am using the outside of the skein but have not converted it to a ball as of yet. I am thinking of making another scarf in the same material, but with a different color and wanted to avoid the problem when I start that project.

Thanks for all the help

That’s normal for Homespun. What helps is to keep a loose tension so it doesn’t bunch up, and definietly use larger needles, 11s work pretty well.

I have had that happen a lot with HS yarn. I usually wind balls first before I knit, even if it pulls smoothly at the beginning,

Hope this helps


I just knit it out of the skein; doesn’t seem to matter which end you start from. I’d think that winding it in a ball would increase the bunching problem.

Increasing your needle size should help. I think 8’s are pretty small for Homespun.

Wanda is absolutely right–size 8s are way too small for that stuff. Get some 10 1/2s or 11s and I bet you’ll be good to go!

Hi, Shakit! :waving:

When I first got back into knitting I made scarves. Lots and lots of scarves!!! They were all made of Homespun and all in garter stitch (all knit stitches). The family and friends I gave them to (I made 17 of those puppies!) LOVED them. They were so warm and fluffy!

BUT, I used much larger needles, the big size 15 plastic ones. AND I knitted with two strands, both from the same skein. I pulled out the center pull string and then used the outside string, both from the same hank of Homespun.

I cast on 12 stitches (this makes a great size scarf) and then just knitted with both strands until I ran out of yarn. One skein, done on large needles with all knit stitches, makes a perfect sized scarf!

Even though it was awkward at first knitting with both strands from the same hank (and fuzzy yarn at that!) I soon got into the swing of it and the scarves just flew! I guess because of the large needles and loose stitches the yarn had room to spread out so I never had any problem with twisting, even with a double thread.

Hope this helps!

Ruthie :knitting:

So I got a bigger sized needle (US 11) and it still seems to be doing it, but just not as severe I think. I’m going to chalk it up to being the actual brand of yarn. :frowning: It’s a shame really.

It is the Homespun. I just did a cable blanket on it for Christmas, and though it turned out lovely, at times it the yarn did twist. I used size 15 needles and a double strand. It got better when I loosened my tension, since I am a newer knitter I tend to knit tightly, when I would remind myself “Not so tight” it seemed to be better.

Yep, a looser tension along with large needles helps a lot.