Newbie Lace Knitter Needs Help

I am new to this Forum and need some help on MEADOWS FLOWERS SHAWL pattern from THE KNITTERS STASH.
I have completed the frist 32 rows of the pattern and am on the second repeat of rows 25-32.
I have reached row 21 and have completed stitches as far as directions are given for that row-I still have 16 stitches to complete in pattern not counting any YO’s. Do I go back to the beginning of the row secquence to finish the row? There are no notes that I can descern that tells me what to do with these stitches.
Have any of you done this pattern? Thanks for the help.

I don’t have the pattern…it might be helpful if you give an excerpt of the part that seems to be the problem.

I have this book. It does seem like a confusing pattern when it says to repeat 25-32, but then row 25 is repeat 17-29. I think when they say to repeat 25-32, its from the chart–not the written directions. I would just incorporate the lacy parts into the pattern as you have been doing–five after the initial yo at the beginning of the row and the same number of stitches between them.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the responses. Ingrid, that is exactly what I’ve decided to try. I didn’t get a chance today as I had to work, but, am planning to try it tonite. I am so determined to get lace down pat to a manageble level and don’t give up easily. I know there is a logical answer, but, boy some of the patterns take a lot for granted! I’ll keep you all posted. Karen