Newbie Knitter

:slight_smile: Hi. Im Cherrelle im 16 and kinda new to this.

i have tried knitting before whne i was like 13, but i just stopped doing it.
I just went to the store and bought some new knitting needles
a crochet needle and a ball of serious about it now beacause i think its fun and i really wanna make my own clothes sometimes.
Anyway, i need advise or knitting. i didnt start crocheting yet.But is it possible for me to make socks now or do i really need more practice. I started a little but i need to know what i want to make.
i guess ill just do a scarf.

help anyone??
(i have watched the videos by the way)

(EDIT: I know, ill make a blankie)

Hi, Cherrelle! I’m glad to see another young person interested in knitting. I started teaching my granddaughter when she was 5, but kids that age don’t have much of an attention span. Now she is 9 and recently learned to do a knitted cast on! I tried showing her how to bind off and I hope she got that one too. She’s asked me to bring her some pale yellow yarn. Not sure what she’s going to make with it.

Have you learned how to purl yet? You will need to know how to purl before you do socks, because you will have to purl when doing the ribbing.

Socks are a little more advanced. Many knitters who have been knitting for many years are intimidated by them. I think a scarf, or perhaps a dishcloth is a great first project. When I started knitting I made several dishcloths before I made my first scarf. Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, or something similar is great to start with. Use about a #6 or #7 needle and just knit all the stitches.
Another suggestion I’ve heard is just knitting a sampler swatch. Cast on and knit a few rows, purl a few. Just get comfortable with it.
You might want to pick up a book to explain some of the basics to you. One I think you might like is [U]Stitch n’ Bitch[/U] by Debbie Stoller. The instructions are very clear and the patterns are pretty nice. She has several beginner projects (my first scarf is in there!) that will help you.

and don’t forget about the videos here on this site! They will really help you out. I have been knitting for about 2 years and am just now starting to try socks.

Good luck and if you have any questions, ask away!

(and welcome to the addiction we all lovingly call knitting!)

Wow thats good i remember when i was 9 i wish i could knit.
but no i have to learn the purl.i looked at the video. isnt it like the
just backwards of the pther stitich.

oh thank you so much. I will go find the book. and take what you said about just doing a sample swatch.

im sure i will grow an addiction, i already love it.Thank you.
and i will have more questions.

The back of a knit stitch is a purl stitch and vice versa, but you do insert your needle a little differently to make them. Go down to your library, most have quite a few knitting books. Besides the Stitch n Bitch books, there’s also some written for highschoolers that have illustrations and patterns in them. A sampler is a very good idea to practice on, you can just follow along with the videos here and try out the different techniques.