Newbie Knitter

Hi everyone,

Let me say, it is GREAT to be here. I found this site last week when I was searching and searching for knitting videos. The videos here helped me alot more than my learn to knit book I got.

I’m 22 and decided to “try” and teach myself how to knit so I have something to do with my hands besides smoke. (I’m quitting the smoking jan.27 but might bump it up to tomorrow.) I have always thought knitting was cool so I just bought a Boye kit last week. I still don’t know what some things in the kit are…LOL.

I just came across Norman’s post about stitches being too tight. That’s my problem too right now along with splitting the yarn. I might not be using the best yarn for a beginner though either. It’s Lion Brand Yarn -Homespun. I believe on their wesbsite it said that it’s a heavy weight yarn, but it feels so fragile and cozy. I need something tough and that splits less easily, if you have any suggestions I would very much appreciate them. But I will also try to cast-on my stitches looser and work on the whole tension thing. All I can do right now is cast-on and knit. Haven’t really tried anything else yet, but I’m getting there :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to meet everyone here. This is a fantastic website and maybe one day I will actually be able to make something other than “needle cozies” LOL.


Welcome to the board. It may be a bit frustrating at first, but it is so rewarding if you stick with it. You’ll be making scarves, hats, and more before you know it. :smiley:

Welcome aboard Susan! I was a tight knitter too. It won’t take long before you get the hang of it though. I tried most of Amy’s cast on methods and I found that some were easier to use than others. My fav to use right now is the knit CO. I find it’s easier to get my needles in there when working on my first row.

Congratulations about making the decision to quit smoking. I’ve never been a smoker but people I know who have been successful say that they felt cleaner and better about themselves for kicking the habit.

Here’s another tidbit. It takes 21 days to break or make a habit. Just think that in 3 weeks you could be making two transformations in your life. Your nicfits won’t nearly be so bad after the third week and you’ll be a lifelong knitter in the bud. That ain’t so bad soundin’ huh…

Yes, I think it’s great I’m taking up knitting at a time when I’m quitting. Time flies when I’m knitting too!

The only cast on method I’ve tried is the long tail way…where you hold the yarn in your right hand. Since my first post earlier, I started over trying to get the hang of the tension…and success! I have no idea how many rows I’ve done, but I haven’t made a mistake yet and no yarn is splitting. I realize I didn’t make a very wise choice in yarn color for my first go at this. It’s a two-tone light blue and white color, so it makes it somewhat hard to see the stitches.

If I do this long-tail cast on method everytime…what do I do with the tail after I (one day) make something like a scarf? LOL I know that seems like such a dumb question, but this is a woman who had to read directions on how to find the end of the yarn in a skein…hahaha. I am determined to knit!

Susan :slight_smile:

Walmart has some great yarn. I have always used red hart because I can rip it out repeatedly and it stays great. Walmart has just come out with their own brand of yarn that I like better because it is softer. Both brands are very inexpensive.

hi Jive!
I just quit smoking too; knitting REALLY helps me. I had my last stogie Jan 1st, and I went crazy nutso for the first week or so, but then suddenly it wasn’t a big deal, and I don’t have any problems now at all; this is after more than 10 years of smoking! Anyway congrats on your decision to quit.
I started knitting with the homespun too, and since the soft fuzzy stuff is wrapped with a skinny thread to make it look wavy-ish, i always splt it too. I ended up tossing it aside and picking up Lion Brand Chunky USA… there’snot dye lots to match and I could do it on medium sized needles (10s or 11s I used, I think) so it wasn’t so awkward with the yarn and the needles and the dangling and all.
When you’re finished with your project, you just weave the end into a few stitches…or if you make a scarf, you can add a fringe and use your end in the fringe and it will blend right in. Good luck!

Welcome Susan!

Yes, congrats on the quitting smoking! When you get a major craving, and you’re feeling grumpy, come here and SNB about it (Stitch 'n Bitch) LOL.

I’ll be making a video soon to demonstrate begining the knitting on straight needles; I’ll talk about a couple of tricks, including:
–Knitting the tail yarn with the working yarn for a few stitches to weave it in
–slipping the first stitch of every row for a neat edge

Welcome to the forum! Happy knitting!