Newbie knitter needs help

Good afternoon all.
Have recently started knitting. Bad choice of pattern, extra fine merino so taking forever for newbie like me. It’s a tunic. Have reached the wide straps at the back.

70 stitches, have been working in stocking stitch but with first and last 16 stitches in k2,p2 rib for last 9 inches. Looking good.
Now pattern states (RS) change to k2, p 2 rib, work 4 rows. Have done so but had I stopped and thought, 70 stitches not a multiple of 4 so now my lovely ribbing has disappeared.
What should I knit to follow the same ribbing all the way across?
I can’t see a way round it.
Would really appreciate any and all advice. Don’t want to give up. Many thanks :blush:


Can we have a name and pattern link please?

It’s just a free Tahk Stacy Charles pattern downloaded from the internet. Have tried to upload photos taken of pattern but getting error message from site. Sorry, not much use!

The easiest way is to increase or decrease two stitches, depending on where that part of the work hits your body. I’d put one increase or decrease on either side, probably right where the former ribbing sections end so they’ll blend in.

Even if it’s a free pattern give us the name and the link where you downloaded it. There are thousands of patterns and they are all different so it makes it easier to help if we can see the pattern.

here’s the link. jope it helps. thanks

this is the patter link, hope it helps.

Have tried posting link twice but has not appeared on forum. Trying this as test. Want to get knitting.