Newbie Knitter Needs a Guide to Good Yarns

Hi everyone!

I have used this board extensively this past month as I’ve been learning to knit, especially those wonderful videos. I’d be lost without them. :smiley:

I am many miles away from a good yarn store, and am likely going to have to resort to buying my yarn online–which means that I am not able to “feel up” :wink: in person the different yarn textures.

So, here is my question: What are some good yarn brands, yarns that you can count on to be of good quality and not let you down? I am particulatly interested in good yarns in the cotton and wool categories. And speaking of wool, recommendations for non-itchy wool would be great, as nothing drives me nuts faster than itchy fabric.


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check out KNITPICKS and PATTERNWORKS. I’m sure you’ve seen people post about them and the yarn they carry on the boards! And if you’re not sure how something feels, knits up, felts, etc, just ask! (Webs)–there is a link here, has a good selection, as well.

Check out

She has reviews for many yarns there.

Also for knitters reviews of yarn.

If it’s a yarn that Joann’s might sell, you can go to the Joann’s web site and look at the yarn and it will have reviews as well.

HTH! I buy a lot online too. I’ve ended up with a few that I didn’t like. I try to go with safer stuff now, where people on this board or others can tell me what a yarn is like.