Newbie Knitter Here!

Hello everyone!
My name is Jeanne and I’m from Boston AND a newbie knitter! My mom and my aunt are both knitters and have tried unsuccessfully in the past to teach me how to knit. Then last month on our annual trip away, we stopped into their favorite knitting store and though I had no intention of learning A G A I N …it happened! I haven’t been able to put down my sticks (as I all them!) since!!! I can do the basics (most of them) but my big thing has been knitting basket weave stitches and I just found a pattern for a Mock Cable Stitch which I am in love with. My question is this…when beginning the pattern, it says “multiples of…” This particular pattern calls for multiples of 10 +2 edge stitches. I understand what it is asking for and so I started a wide scarf (just to be on the safe side …in terms of nothing big) I counted and cast on 72 stitches. My problem is that when I get almost to the end, I find that I don’t finish the “pattern stitches” before I have to knit the last stitch. Does this make sense?? In other words if the row calls for K1 K1 P1 K3 P3 P1 K1 k1 I don’t get to finish the row before I have to knit the last stitch. Is this right??? I am assuming not but If I’m counting out the proper amount of stitches and am following the pattern, why don’t I get through a whole row until I get to the end??? I KNOW I’M DOING SOMETHING WRONG!!! :knitting: Help would be appreciated before I end up ripping it out gain for the umpteenth time! Thank you in advance!

Hi and welcome!
An easy way to stay on track is to put markers on your needle every 10 stitch repeat (not counting the 2 edge sts). Then you can make sure that your stitch count is correct. You should be able to finish a full repeat before the last stitch, the k1.
The markers can be circles of contrasting yarn, paper clips or store bought markers.

Hi! Thank you for the welcome!
I actually did that with the stitch markers every 10 stitches so I would know where I was but I never seem to finish the pattern row before I get to the last knit 1. I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong??? I’m going to be a Chick with a Sewing Machine soon and give all my stuff to my mother! UUUGGGHHHHHH

Hi again…
***Well, I re pulled my work again and started over. I put a stitch marker after the first K1 and then every 10 stitches after that. It seems to be working??? Go Figure!!! I don’t know what I was doing wrong as I have the same amount of stitches on the needles as before. Fingers Crossed!