Newbie Knitter... confusing pattern... Please help!

Hi fellow knitters, I’m looking for help on a pattern I started. I’m currently knitting a cardigan using the pattern 5321 Wendy Supreme. I’m all the way to the neckband and now stuck on this part:

With the right side if work facing and using 3.25mm needles, K.7 sts. from the buttonhole band st. holder pick up and K.17 sts. up the right side of the neck, K. across the 22 sts. at centre, pick up and K.17 sts. down the left side of the neck.
K.7 sts. from button band st. holder. 70 sts. K.8 rows making buttonhole on the 4th row as before.
Cast off, or cast off using picot option as follows:- cast off 2 sts. * sl. remaining st. on right hand needle to left hand b needle cast on 2 sts. then cast off 5 sts. rept. fro. * to end…

So thats the part of the pattern I’m now stuck on.
Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated as I’m almost finished with this cardigan and really don’t want to give it up as a bad job.
Thanks :blush:

Darling sweater.
Is it the pick up, something about the picot collar or something else that’s causing the problem?
Here’s a video for picking up sts and knitting them:
You can also use a crochet hook to pick up the sts and the transfer them to a knitting needle as you go.

Hi thank you for replying. That video made the pick up much easier to understand. It’s the amount I’m picking up that I have the problem with, its all rather confusing.

It can sometimes seem like a lot of stitches. I usually make a little diagram of the neck with the number of sts written in so that I remember how many to pick up and where. Luckily, most of your collar sts are on holders.
Starting at the buttonhole band:
7sts (holder)-17sts-22sts (holder)-17sts-7sts (holder)
You may not need to pick up the full 17sts on each side. One stitch fewer isn’t going to make a big difference or you can increase on the next row to bring the stitch count to where it should be.