Newbie Issues

So I have recently decided to take up knitting because I’m not a patient person, and I’m trying to teach myself patience…I don’t know if it’s going to work, but I know I’ll feel pretty good when I finally finish a project…

But my question is, when I cast on and start knitting, is there anyway that it could not be so incredibly tight? I feel like I can’t do anyting once I get started because it’s so hard to work with.

Suggestions for a newbie?

You can try casting on using a bigger needle than you want to use, and then slide the stitches to the smaller needle. :slight_smile: Welcome!

Oh wow, I never thought of that! I’ll try that tonight, thanks a whole bunch!

That’s a great tip, Jenn!!

You might also try not to pull the working yarn tight after you move each stitch to the right needle. Leave a wee bit of slack (slack is good in this case!)

I’m trying to >_<
I get all tense lol

There are a couple of sites with suggestions to loosen your knitting. One suggestion I remember is to look VERY carefully at each move you make when knitting one stitch. Many new knitters give an extra tug on the yarn after completing the stitch. DON’T.

I’ll try to find the sites for you. I sent them to my daughter when she first started, and it made a world of difference.

Neither of these is the same I sent my daughter, but they may help:

You can also use two needles held together. After you cast on your stitches, pull out one of the needles, and the resulting stitches will be looser on the remaining needle. I do this a lot with socks…tiny stitches + tiny needles = 1 frustrated knitter :teehee:

Thanks for all the suggestions, it’s much appreciated. I tried casting on the bigger needle and going on with my regular needles like the first suggestion and it really worked! I even told my best friend, who’s taken up knitting very recently as well, she was having the same problems as me…except worse. It was getting to the point where her yarn was breaking due to so much tension. I’m not totally sure why hers was that bad…but anyways thanks!