Newbie intro

hello all! I am a newbie to the forum, and although I have been knitting for over a year, still feel like a newbie knitter. I am looking for advice on branching out from the knit stitch! I have just recently tried purl, but it seems extremely difficult :grrr: Is that because I knit english style?
Also, does a hat count as knitted if it was done on the knifty knitter? :eyebrow: I never have been able to get the hang of the circ needles, even tho the lys lady has tried repeatedly to show me. there is a fantastic pattern in the Ready Set Knit book for a hat, but since I am scared of dpn’s and havent’ learned any other stitches other than the knit stitch I am apprehensive :verysad:
Also, I am sooooo envious of all of your fo’s, I keep looking and they are all so wonderful! i would post my own but they are all just scarves in the knit stitch, which I am sure you have all seen before! :wall:

Welcome to the forum!!! Check out Amy’s videos at the top tabs for help with purling, and knitting in the round.

Welcome to the forum. :hug:

You will enjoy it here. Everybody is very helpful!

I think I need to get new glasses I thought your name was MurderKnitter!


I had been knitting garter stitch stuff for a few years before I found this place and worked up the nerve to branch out. In the few months that I’ve been here I’ve learned decreases, increases, cables, DPN’s, double-knitting, and a few other things. The videos are great and the people here are super helpful. :slight_smile:

thanks guys for the welcome! lol maybe I should be Murder knitter-I seem to murder almost everything I try to knit a few times before it gets done! :rofl:
I will try to get into some of those videos this weekend I think. The cast on video actually showed me how I had been casting on wrong, so I can see how much they could help me with other things! :heart:

Welcome to the forum. I am quite new here too. Its a great place so friendly and helpful.
Someone told me ‘you can knit anything’. All the info is here on video. The people here know so much too!
Have a go at something rated easy and have a go!!
I too am fed up with scarfs :teehee: :teehee:

Its nice to meet you. Practice makes perfect!!!

:hug: Sharon

:rofl: I thought it said the same thing…

Welcome to the forum!!! :cheering:

Welcome! :waving:

Welcome to KH :waving:

:waving: Welcome! Once I found Amy’s site, I found myself obsessed with learning new techniques! I didn’t necessarily want to do a technique because it was part of a pattern I was trying, I just wanted to know how to do different things. It’s that same geeky part of me that likes reading patterns just to see if I can understand how to do them! If I come across something I’m not sure about :?? , I start looking for an Amy video :slight_smile:

Push through the fear! It’s amazing how much each new technique really does open up a new set of patterns. We all still make mistakes. Just treat them as opportunities to learn.

Post your pictures! We would love to see them! I know I get excited when we have new knitters cause I remember the victory of those grater stitch scarfs! It’s neat to see eachother grow and learn. And I think having people cheer our early efforts helps us to grow!

Welcome! You’ll learn a lot here, and have fun too.