Newbie in need of some major help!

Ok, I am just starting out and I am getting SO frustrated here.

I casted on exactly as the video had shown and then started to knit the first row and it was impossible. threads in each loop were splitting, making it impossible to get the needle through correctly and it was all so tight that I could barely get the needle in, even when I casted on loosely.

How do I get past this…Haha. You all are probably laughing at me right now. It’s ok though! :smiley:

Nobody is laughing at you. We’ve all been there.

My suggestion is to do your cast on two needles held parallel to each other. When you’re done casting on, slide one of the needles out. It will give you a nice, loose cast on to start with.

As for the yarn splitting you might want to try a different yarn. Some yarns split more than others.

Thanks guys. I’ll have to try that!

Love your username! I can’t really help further than the others have done, but just so you know, none of us are laughing. I’ve been knitting for a while now but I teach people, and it reminds me of how [I]freaking[/I] hard everything is in the beginning. You’re doing fine =]

Whatcha making?

Thanks! I am kinda a huge HP freak :slight_smile: 3 days! :smiley:


I need to admit, I wanted to start knitting because of all the cool knits that are in the HP movies and such. I WAS attempting the Gryffindor scarf…thought it would be ok because it was just a knit stitch in the round…Yea, gave up on that and am just doing small patches to get started and understanding it. Maybe I’ll be able to make the actual scarf in the near future! hopes

Another question…How do you make the first and last stitch of the row more secure and tight? Right now it is always so loose and kind of wonky looking.

When you knit the first stitch, give it a gentle pull which will also pull up the slack on the stitch below it, the last one on the previous row. Then knit the next couple stitches just a bit tighter, and the rest of the row at regular tension.

:waving: Welcome to knitting help! No worries about starting out, we’ve all been there! Do you know about the [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Harry Potter Knit-Along? We’re having great fun, and you’re welcome to join if you’re interested! :lol: [/FONT][/COLOR]

Slip the first stitch of every row, Ginny, that will make for a neater edge. (Insert needle as if to purl, but don’t wrap the yarn, just let the stitch slide onto the right needle.) Congrats on finding an awesome hobby, and good luck! Don’t forget to show us pictures when you’re done with a project, we love those!

We’ve all definately been there before! I used to knit so tight. Just remember to keep things relaxed. Practice on bigger needles (size 11 or 13 needles) and worsted weight yarn. You’ll get the hang of it!

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: I hope so because I am determind to make that scarf!

Ok, so I slip the first stitch of every row after casting on…And do it like a purl but don’t wrap the yarn. I guess Now I should go check out how to purl.

BTW, My index fingers are KILLING me! rubs them lol.