Newbie in need of a project

Hi all! I’m very new to the knitting thing - but was amazed that in just over a week I have successfully finished knitting three scarves. One of which I sort of winged and made up my own little pattern.

I’ve gotten quite fast after my first lesson and now I think it’s time for something else. I’ve looked at a number of patterns online but was hoping someone here might have a recommendation for something other than scarves.

I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at cabling because I really got into this with the ultimate goal of being able to someday knit Aran sweaters for my entire family. Do you think it might be a little too soon to try my hand at cabling? Are sweaters and figuring out gauges a bit too advanced for someone who has only been doing this for a little over a week? Does anyone have a great beginner project they might suggest to ween me off of just scarves?

Any sort of suggestion would be great.

Also, one question, when patterns say “wrong side” - what exactly does that mean? All of the patterns I have worked with so far don’t have a “wrong” side because nothing was straight stocking stitch.

I know I sound like a total newbie but i really just want to know what I’m doing before spending a fortune on some nice yarn.

Nope, cables are very easy!!! They just look hard.

Take a look at Amy’s cabling video, and then try a pattern like the Irish Hiking Scarf.

i’d suggest trying a hat and learning to knit in the round. that was my first project after scarves.
the first hat pattern i tried was the brangelina hat:

it was REALLY easy… and the lion’s brand wool ease is not hard to find.

cables are also surprisingly easy. i learned to do them by just watching amy’s video.

good luck!


That hat and that scarf are GREAT!!! I may have to do a dual project!!!

I’ve never knitted in the round - but I’ll bet I can learn!

and Amy’s video looks simple enough - i just need a needle.

Here’s a question: do needles - not knitting needles - but the ones used for cabling - come in different sizes? I just got back from a craft store and they had one needle. Is that right or should I go to my LYS and check out needles?

There are different cable needles. You want to make sure that your cable needle is about the same size as the oneyou’re knitting with… I usually use a double pointed needle in the same size as the regular knitting needle as a cable needle.

How about this fetching?

It’s really easy and quick, and it has cables! cables are actually not hard at all. You should give it a shot, I know you can do it!

Way to go! :cheering:

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