Newbie in gusset cable rib distress! :(

ok so i’m not really sure if i’ve done any of the pattern correct but i’m trying to assume i have…
i’m at the part where it says thumb gusset (i assume that’s the hole you stick your thumb through, right?) it says
Round 1: Cable Rib 3 sts, place marker, make 1, k2, make 1, place marker, finish round in Cable ribbing as established.

ok so huh???

earlier instructions were to work in k2-p1 cable ribbing pattern for 25 rounds…and then it had cable ribbing:
Round 1 & 2: *(K2, p1); repeat around.
Round 3: *(K2tog, but leave on needle, knit 1st stitch again then slip both stitches from the needle together, p1); repeat around. Repeat rounds 1-3 for cable ribbing pattern…

so does that mean the first 25 rows i should be doing round 1-3 over and over? and then how do i cable rib 3 stitches???


The 2 sts between the m1s are the gusset, which is an area that’s increased because your thumb base is wider than your wrist and hand. To ‘cable 3 rib sts’ just means to work the cable rib pattern over 3 sts, do the inc, k2, inc and finish the round in the cable ribbing pattern just as you’ve been doing.