Newbie Hi Everyone 😀

Hi all I’m a newbie to the forum and to knitting.
My names Paula and I live in the Midlands.
I’ve only been knitting for a few weeks and so far my efforts have been one offs :joy:

:wave: Unless you’re making socks there’s nothing wrong with one offs.

Lol they would be but not socks, no I’m starting with the hard stuff…squares :joy::joy:

Welcome to Knitting Help! Do what makes you happy! Squares can be a great way to learn to do different stitches. Then you can seam them and have a anything from a pet blanket to an afghan! :slight_smile:

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I’ve bought some Aran wool today to make a blanket for my rabbit, when I work out what the pattern means I’m trying that next. I have a goal I have a VW camper van pattern i’m working up to lol

Welcome to KH!!! Where is “the Midlands”?? I live in New Jersey in the USA.

Glad you’re here

Hi and welcome. I’m from the same side of the pond - Sussex - so one hint I can give you is that some of the terms used on this site aren’t so familiar. Things like “bind off” where we say “cast off” for example. It’s a great site though, very friendly and lots of useful help!

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Welcome to the group, and it’s nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody :blush:. The Midlands is in the UK it’s sort of the middle of the country I suppose although I’m from North Wales originally lol

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You’re welcome!

I just joined yesterday and have found it a great help. Jan is trying to help me but I just might stay confused. It is hard not to have a litter nearby who can do it. Our yarn store went out. Good luck on your projects. Have a great week. I’m anxious to try again once we confer again. Welcome from a real newbie! Shar