Newbie here

hi amy, just found your website and loved your videos as i’am
a visual when it comes to knitting. i love to knit. i also love to crochet but the needles seem to have taken control. i haven’t been knitting long and just recently branched out of rectangle knitting. thats where i need major help. my seems leave alot to be desired and i havent figured out dpls or circulars yet. just like my username i’am at loose ends when it comes to my knitting, but i’am loving it and i don’t give up that easily. i’m from nevada. i’m on a leave from work at the moment so i’m just playing with my needles alot. i’m glad to have found this site. i hope to get alot of advice. looking forward to meeting lots of new friends.

:waving: welcome to Knitting Help!

dont give up.


DO IT!!! :cheering:

Welcome! This is definitely the place to come with questions. Don’t panic about circular or double-pointed needles - they aren’t as hard as they look, but they have the added benefit of making you look super-talented!

hello, loosends! welcome. :waving:

Welcome!!! :hug:

Welcome to the forum! It’ll all come together with practice! :cheering:

welcome! I suggest you try circs before couble pointed needles b/c most people find it easier…just grab a pair of circs, watch amy’s video, and make a tube of some sort–just for practice. You’ll get it!

Welcome!!! :waving: Like my DH used to tell his sculpture students “Just do it, do it all the time.” It does get easier. Circs are easier than dpns just because you don’t have all those needles in the way, but once you get used to them dpns aren’t hard at all. Keep with it!!! Happy Knitting.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

oh thank you all for the nice welcome. i’m really excited about being here. you all seem very nice and are going to be of great help. i’m off to a great start this year already. so far i have finished 3 beanies and 2 scarves. yeah!!! i want to learn how to make socks really bad. i’ll get there though. i’m working on 2 more beanies now and have way too many ufos. thanks you all. looking for to chatting with u all. listening to everyone and what they are working on keeps me inspired.

Welcome! I’m a newbie here too. I’ve been knitting for about a year but I just joined this forum today. I was also a crocheter for a while.


hi brokenblossoms,
welcome to you too. you know i had a friend who taught me to both crochet and knit when i was about 18. i stuck to the hook and put down the needles. i just loved crochet and i still do but my obsession now is the needles. i picked up the needles a little over a year ago and have not been able to put them down.i love the look of knit on some items more so than crochet, but sometimes crochet is faster for me. i want to do a sweater and socks. i’ve only made 2 sets of slippers, and lots of scarves, and now a few beanies. i’m a visual when it comes to knitting right now so it is hard for me to do a pattern with a book until i get better. i’m hoping this forum will help, i find the videos are really helpful, but they dont show me fron start to finish. lol where at from calif you from. i’m originally from southern cal but my home for the last 25 years has been reno, nv. my dh died 13 months ago so i’m thinking about relocating. i just don’t know where to go. to much thinking so i rather just knit. lol