Newbie here. Where does string on end go?

I feel very embarassed to ask becuase it is probably an easy answer. I have no idea what to do with the string hanging down after casting on? I am learning to knitt on this site and am very excited. I have the casting on part down and am about to move on to the next but before I do I want to make sure the string is still suppose to be there. :aww:

Thank you :hug:


We all had to learn sometime so no worries! Just leave the tail hanging and you can weave it in when you’re done. You don’t need it longer than about 8 inches so if it’s longer you can cut it off. :thumbsup:

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Oh no. It is only 3 inches. Should I start over again? Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

A three inch tail is a little short to weave in and you wouldn’t want it to come loose. But, if you’re just practicing it doesn’t make any difference. If you’re making a scarf that will have fringe it won’t make any difference either.

Actually 3 inches is about right. You should be able to weave that in for about 3 or 4 sts or more. But Jan’s right, don’t worry about it too much for practice pieces.

Oh thank you. You both are very helpful! I am soo happy to have found this site. I really want to be able to do this. What kind of yarn do you all prefer? I have 100% wool but my mother (who is very far away) said yarn with acrylic is better. Is there a difference?

Wool isn’t machine washable unless you get superwash, so it needs to be hand washed. Many people don’t like acrylic, but that’s all others use. There is a lot of very soft acrylic yarn now, even softer than pure wool, though merino wool is also soft.

Well, Sue is right in that 3 inches is all that you use, but it’s much easier to work with a longer tail to start and then cut it if you are using a needle like I do. To weave in a 3 inch tail you can use a crochet hook if it’s easier.

As for yarn… it’s all personal preference and depends on the project to a certain extent. I don’t like to handwash so I rarely use 100% wool unless it’s superwash. If you want to felt something you want wool or animal fiber that is NOT superwash though. Baby and child clothing is best worked with a soft washable yarn so I use a lot of acrylic or acrylic blends for that.