Newbie here, having trouble seeing pictures

I don’t understand it, but many of the pictures that people post are just red x’s on my computer. It happened at home and at work. I’m confused. lol I have my settings set to be able to view pictures… do I need to do anything else?

btw, I am brand new to knitting but I love message boards so I was thrilled to find this one. Figured out right away why my dishcloth was turning into a trapezoid… adding stitches with every row. lol My 2nd project is actually turning out with square edges thanks to you!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

The forum software is having trouble with attached photos today so it’s not just you.

The photo here is embedded can you see it?

If you can see the embedded photo then it’s okay. Just be patient for the others. The forum owner, Sheldon, is working on them. :thumbsup:

Yes, I can see the imbedded one. thanks! I’m glad to know it isn’t just me. I want to see some of the projects people are working on. :slight_smile: